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we told our landlord we needed more than five days to decide if we wanted to keep the apartment and they didnt tell us there was a problem with that.  but then on friday we had a thing under our door saying they were going to be showing our apartment.  we had an appointment to look at some places that day but they were all more expensive than our new rent and smaller.  so we quickly signed the lease extention and sent them the check to update the security deposit and crap.  then when i got home today we had a new kitchen floor.  i thought that was a sign that they werent going to let us extend the lease.  but i just checked and the check was cashed so i think that means we wont be homeless or living in a crappy studio.

oh and i got a new job.  after next week i will no longer be working at the bookstore.  hizzah.  the new job pays a bit more and should be a lot less crappy.
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